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Trash Bag Cinch

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Cinch Specifications

Trash Bag Cinch Dimensions

Cinches will work on all sizes and shapes of containers. They will also work with any type of liner - whether it is low or high density – even drawstring bags, the Cinch can handle the job.

Cinches are made of Low Density Polyethylene plastic. The patented design has created flexible but extremely durable "living hinges" that hold any liner snuggly around the rim to prevent "cave-ins". The Cinch comes with double back tape already installed on it. All you have to do is prepare the surface properly, remove the backing from the Cinch and apply.

Trash Bag Cinch Easy Peal and Stick Application

This double back tape is actually a "foam tape" with the strongest rubber-based adhesive available. In addition to the strength, the foam tape compensates for the various shapes and textures trash receptacles come in.

The rubber based adhesive ensures a lasting bond to the widest range of materials used. It's the same type of tape used to tackle tough bonding requirements for some parts in the airline industry!

This all adds up to a simple but effective product, made of high quality materials, that will pay for itself again and again and again... 

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 8" x 8" x 8"

 1.78 lbs.