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Cinch Packaging Options

The Trash Bag Cinch can help your bottom line

Cinches are available in a wide range of packaging options to meet the needs of any sized business or facility. Listed below is a brief overview of available packaging. Most packaging options are available in all Standard Colors. Contact your local distributor for more information.

Six-Pack -  For home or small business, this small carton contains six (6) Cinches, with instructions conveniently printed on the carton.

Small Business Packs - Perfect for restaurants, franchises, small offices and stores. Our Small Business Packs were designed for the millions of facilities that have 25 or fewer containers. Small Business Packs come in convenient poly bags containing 25 Cinches.

50 Pack Boxes – Our 50 pack bags are great for mid-sized to large facilities. Packed in reshippable cartons, they are convenient for redistribution or for use in a single facility. The 50 pack is also available in convenient master case containing 4 – 50 pack boxes (200 Cinches - see Standard Case)

Standard Case - Our standard case contains 200 total Cinches. There are four (4) conveniently packed 50 count bags with instructions in reshippable inner boxes.

Bulk Packs – Our bulk packs were designed to meet the needs of larger facilities. In an effort to reduce packaging, we eliminated all inner boxes, and packed 1000 Cinches in one convenient box with a poly liner. The resulting reduction in packaging materials and time also adds up to savings we pass on to you. It pays to go green!