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A Smart Investment
The Cinch is a Smart Investment

A Smart Investment

The Cinch Provides a fast R.O.I.

If you've already decided to use Cinches in your facility, congratulations. If you're still thinking about it, here are a few reasons why it makes both economic and common sense:

Time is Money
The bottom line is Cinches save time, and time in the workplace always equates to money. Think about it, every time a liner is changed, we can save you 5 seconds. How much do you pay in salary and benefits for 5 seconds of work? Probably a penny or two if you do the math. That's about what a small liner costs. Now stop and figure out how many liners does your facility use each year? The point of course is that it really does add up.

Return on Investment
Cinches typically pay for themselves in just a few months. The higher your labor rate the faster the payoff. Try to name any other money saving device in your facility that has a quicker return on investment.

Unseen Benefits
We've told you Cinches prevent Trash Bag Cave-Ins. What most people don't think about is how much time is wasted cleaning up the messes from Cave-Ins. It's a number that you may not know, but it's costing you money. Eliminate the problem. It's a Cinch!

Cinches reduce the chance of injury. Hundreds of injuries occur each year when sharp objects are improperly discarded. When Cave-Ins occur around hazardous materials and medical waste, clean up can be dangerous. Lost time due to injuries and workers compensation are huge expenses. Eliminating Cave-Ins eliminates clean ups and injuries.

Someone once said, "You don't get a second chance at a first impression." They were right. Very often the appearance of your facility is the first impression customers, clients, guests and patients get. Cinches improve appearance and show attention to detail. A good first impression can generate repeat business and extra profits. It's a Cinch!

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