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 Help for ordering the Trash Bag Cinch

 SpecTech, Inc. Policies for Product Ordering 

Place the number (of bags of 25 ) in the color of choice field, and click the 

"place items in cart" button below.           

Example: If you want 25 Black Cinches put a "1" for the quantity in the Black field.

Available in 4 standard colors:
Item Description Price Color and Quantity

Small Buisiness Pack (bag of 25 Cinches)
Works on all sizes & shape cans

Trash Bag Cinch Standard Colors

 White, Beige, Black, Putty

Black and Putty (Grey) are our best sellers.


$62.25/25ct Bag

Only $2.49 each

Black (25)

Putty (25)

Beige (25)

White (25)


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New Lemon Scented

  Stop messy trash bag mess