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Time is Money - You save both with the Cinch

Increase Productivity

Double lining is fast and easy with the Cinch
Labor is often the largest expense in everyone's budget. What if you could get more work done without adding to your payroll and without asking your employees to work harder or longer? It's not magic, It's a Cinch!

Cinches allow you to get more work done faster. It's that simple. Every time you change a liner, we can save you five seconds. Think how many liners your employees change each year. You won't believe how fast seconds become dollars.

Cinches eliminate trash bag cave-ins and the labor costs associated with cleaning up after them. Cinches also minimize employee exposure to hazardous waste, sharp objects and germs.

We often hear that Cinches have allowed employees with disabilities to accomplish tasks they previously couldn't. Debra L. Webster, Manager of Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana, Inc. in Indianapolis writes "We have been very pleased with the Cinch on our work site. A couple of individuals could not tie a knot in our trash bags to make sure they fit snugly on the can. With the Cinch this is no longer a problem. These employees have a snug fit every time they reline the can. This means that two individuals with disabilities have jobs they would not have otherwise had."

The bottom line, Time is Money and Cinches can save you both. See just how much your facility can save with our Savings Calculator.