Best way to keep trash liner in place on trash can



Increase Productivity


Improve Appearance


Easy to Install the Trash Bag Cinch


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Other Uses for the Trash Bag Cinch


Improve the appearacne of any trash can

Improve Appearance



Improve the appearance of your facility with the Cinch

Customers, guests, patients, practically everyone bases their first impressions on appearance. A good first impression can result in repeat business and additional profits. In a world where attention to detail is so important, facility managers and service providers need every edge they can get.

Trash Bag Cave-Ins, or even unsightly oversized liners hanging well down the outside of of trash containers detract from the overall appearance of any facility. In addition to saving time and money, Cinches are clean, efficient, prevent cave-ins and can be color coordinated with your containers for a professional appearance. One size fits all sizes and shapes of containers so there is no guess work; we have the right Cinch for any container

Set your facility apart from the competition. It’s a Cinch!