Best way to keep trash liner in place on trash can



Brief History of Trash Bags

1950 Invented by three Canadians

  • Harry Wasylyk
  • Larry Hansen
  • Frank Plomp

The plastic trash bag was first developed for commercial use and sold to Hospitals who had an obvious need (to find a way to deal with waste more efficiently).

Larry Hansen worked for Union Carbide who purchased the invention From Waylyk and Plomp and they then introduced the “Glad Garbage Bag” for home use (the green bag).

Obviously the invention was a spectacular hit and became a staple for virtually every business and eventually every home. As the market matured, it became largely a commodity item.

Twist Ties

George Hinson came up with the idea for the twist tie in 1923. The original twist tie was invented by the California based packaging company T and T Industries, Inc. It was patented in 1939 and marketed as the Twist-Ems - widely used for closing bread bags other packages that needed to have twist ties for closing and reuse.

The application was clear, and they were introduced as a method to close the trash bag so that the contents would not spill out when transporting and storing. They were added s a premium incentive and eventually were found inside virtually every box of trash bags purchased.

1984 First major improvement – Drawstring Bags

Introduced by Glad making to make closing and carrying full bags easier. The original (and best) Drawstrings were made with a high density plastic material which was strong and effective at closing the bag.

It was a major improvement over twist ties and provided the added benefit of making it easy to carry the full bag. The trade-off was a more expensive trash bag.

Drawstring Bags, despite the higher cost have taken over a large portion of the retail market for home use because of the convenience and ease of use.

The majority of large commercial users avoid the extra cost of draw-string bags and train their custodians methods of using the excess liner itself to secure the bag closed. Although the drawstring is gaining popularity among small business who purchase trash bags along with other office supplies and often deal with liner changing themselves, and typically don't change the bags on a daily basis.

1997 Trash Bag Cinch Accessory Invented

The original Trash Bag Cinch(TM) was invented by an x-hospital-janitor who recognized the need to create a better way to keep trash bags from falling into the waste can.

Gaining insight from his experience tying knots hundreds of knots every day (a practice mandated in the hospital setting he worked in the late 1970's), he knew that there had to be a faster and more efficient way to keep the trash bag from falling in the can. he recalled the time consuming (yet effective) manner in which he was trained to tie a portion of the bag opening in a knot to make it smaller and fit snugly on the rim of the can, and developed a simple device that would gather the excess liner material pulling it together securely around the rim, and at the same time "cinching" it in place - in effect mimicking the knot - only much faster, and providing the exact right size the first try.

Ironically, just as the need for the trash bag was first seen in hospital applications to handle the waste, so was the need to stop the trash bags from caving into the trash can. The Trash Bag Cinch was then too originally introduced and sold for commercial use in hospitals.

2001 Stretchable Drawstring Bags

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