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Easy Installation

It's easy to install the Trash Bag Cinch

It takes just a minute to prepare the surface of your container and apply the Cinch with our easy peel-and-stick foam tape. The high-strength rubber-based adhesive bonds the Cinch to virtually any surface.

1. Make sure the surface you will apply the Cinch to is clean and dry. We recommend cleaning the area where the Cinch will be placed with isopropyl alcohol to remove any dirt. It is especially important to clean new cans to remove oily release agent residue often found on plastic containers.

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2. Remove the paper backing from the Cinch.

3. Align the Cinch (with the flat side up) just below the rim of the can (in most cases you can use the top of the Cinch as a guide by making level contact with it on the underside of the rim) and press the Cinch firmly against the surface. Some very large containers will require you to move the Cinch slightly lower to clear the rim and make room for the excess liner to pass through.

4. View a video demonstration

Cinches fit any size or shape container and should last as long as you own the can. The permanent adhesive can take up to 24 hours after application to fully cure depending on many factors such as temperature and the type of material the container is constructed of. For the best results, we recommend waiting a full 24 hours after installation before using.