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Cinch Won't Stay Stuck on Can?

SOLUTION for Difficult Applications

We are using the best rubber based adhesive we can find – and for the vast majority of applications it does the job well and holds the cinch firmly to just about any trash container.

However, from time to time we hear about a situation where all the instructions were followed and the cinch "just won’t stay stuck".

Rather than dwell on the possible reasons why that may happen and bore you with information about various plasticizers, we are pleased to let you know that there is a simple solution to this occasional problem.

That solution is ca (Cyanoacrylate) glue – which is basically "super glue for plastics". One well known brand is Loctite 401 glue.

Just place a small amount around the perimeter of the cinch or tape (no need to remove the tape) and also an "X" or "S" shaped bead of glue across it. There is no need to try to cover the whole part with glue (with ca glue, the general rule of thumb is "less is more". Make sure to give it the recommended time suggested by the glue manufacturer to bond.


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