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Trash Bag Cinch Calulator Help
The Savings Calculator is designed to calculate six important figures that show the overall savings a facility can realize by using Cinches. To obtain accurate results it is important to be as accurate as possible when entering numbers in the top portion of the calculator. Use the Entering Your Numbers and Analyzing Your Results sections if you need help.

Entering Your Numbers

We suggest you use the following guidelines to obtain correct results:

1. Number of Cans with Large Cinches: Enter the number of cans in your facility.

2. Number of Liner Changes per Can per Month: Multiply the number of times you change liners each week x 4.3 and enter it.

3. Average Hourly Wages Paid: Multiply your hourly wage paid x 1.25 to include benefits and enter it.

4. Enter the cost per Cinch.

5. Press the Calculate Button.

Analyzing Your Results                                                     Back

In the boxes on the bottom half of the calculator you will find six important numbers that show your savings potential:

1. Total Number of Liner Changes per Month: This number shows how many liners you use per month. It's an important figure because Cinches save an average of five seconds per liner change over tying knots.

2. Labor Hours Saved per Month: This number represents your increased productivity without extra cost.

3. Savings per Month: This amount is the actual dollar savings realized every month.

4. Initial Cost of Cinches: This is the cost to outfit your facility with Cinches.

5. Payoff Period: This is how many months it will take for your Cinches to pay for themselves, a 100% Return on your Investment.

6. Net 1st Year Savings: This figure represents the actual dollar amount your facility will save the first year. It's important to remember that during the first year the Cinches paid for themselves and saved the amount shown in the box. Your total savings will increase the second year because the Cinches do not have to be purchased again.

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